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Sadovnikov Eremey Ilyich

My name is Yeremey Ilyich Sadovnikov. I am the chairman of the Association of the Indigenous peoples of Ulakhan Chistai National Nasleg of Momsky Ulus “Egdien Mola” (Big Tundra), and I am also a member of the nomadic indigenous community of the indigenous peoples (Evens) named after Stepan Grigoryevich Sleptsov.

This is our family herd. Our reindeer herder foreman is Alexey Grigoryevich Sleptsov, and our chairman is Grigory Stepanovich Selptsov. He lives in the village of Khonuu of Momsky ulus. We are now in the heart of Ulakhan-Chistay. Our village was named after this area. Historically, Evens have been gathering on this land since time immemorial, here and in that direction, too, everywhere, actually.

During the time of the “Iskra” (Spark) state farm, Nikolai Ilyich Sleptsov achieved the construction of a port in this area. Over there you can see the terminal building, the landing strip.

There are several places nearby where the Evens historically gathered. A lot of people gathered here every summer. In the 1970s, radio communication was established here for the first time. Currently, our community is engaged in reindeer herding.

As for the spring of 2022, we have about 1,200 deer. Here we have a children's camp, our family camp. Every summer, our grandmothers teach children reindeer herding. The Artyk River flows here. It flows into the village of Artyk and further into the Nera river.

We have several routes here, and there are several reindeer stations, either six or seven. Every summer we live here, and then we move on the other side of the village, up to the borders of Zyryanka. This land is good because there are no trees here, it is great for grazing deer. For deer, it fits perfectly. There are no trees, there are mountains, weather is predominantly cool. The problem our community is facing is the same as throughout the republic, it is the problem of wolves. Wolves are doing a lot of damage to our herd. We are also concerned that the spread of industry is beginning on this land. You must have seen it yourself, towards Burustakh. They're coming.

Industrialists have already settled in the lower reaches of the Artyk River. We want to protect and preserve our land. We, for the most part, live in such tents, both in winter and in summer. However, in winter we also live in a wooden base. We buy tarpaulins and put up round tents. The advantage of tarpaulin tents is that we can assemble and move them at any time.

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