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Kereks are populated at the northern coast of the Bering Sea. At the past known as Koryaks (XVII – the beginning of the XIX century.), at the end of the XIX century. – as chukhmary (from kamchadal degnition of Chukchi) kereky from chukot language - kerekyt). Seld-designation - angqalghakku (seaside people), karykykku (from kerekyt).

In 1959, there were about 100 people, according to the 2002 census, 8 people recorded themselves as kereks, according to the 2010 census – 4 people…

Kereks are settled along the Chukchi coast of the Bering Sea, from the Anadyr estuary to the mouth of the Opuka River. Archaeological evidence suggests that traces of ancient Kerek settlements are also found significantly further south, up to Cape Olyutorsky in Kamchatka. The Kereks lead a sedentary lifestyle, engage in fishing, hunting birds, sea and fur animals.

Their language is related to Chukotko-Kamchatkan language family.


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