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Oroks(Ulta, Ulicha- people on Sakhalin Island. In 1897, the number of Oroks was 749 people.

By the census of 2002 - 400 people. Self-designation - uilta (it's ossible that it from ula - deer).

The Ainu, the southern neighbors of the Oroks, called them orokoorokhko, the Nivkhs - orongtaornysku. Russian researchers used different ethnonyms – nany (L. Ya. Sternberg) nanneny - local man (V. I. Tsinsius). L.I. Schrenck L.I. Schrenk considered an ethnonym oroks (as well as orochyorochony) Manchu, from oro - deer, which indicated the main occupation of these ethnic groups. Since the 2nd half of the XIX century, the ethnonym has prevailed in Russian literature. oroks. At nowadays, the common ethnonym is Ulta, Ulicha.


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