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Dolgan national cuisine

The main place in the diet of Dolgan families has always been deer meat. Meat is most often used boiled, as well as frozen and smoked. After slaughter, shepherds enjoy eating raw fresh meat, liver, kidneys. A traditional delicacy is young deer antlers, previously singed over a fire. Strong meat broth is also very popular, to which various soups, seasoned with potatoes, cereals, pasta, have been added in recent years.

Рыба употребляется в пищу всеми группами населения,  как оленеводами, так и жителями поселков. Осенью и зимой особым успехом пользуется строганина – нарезанная в виде длинных стружек мороженая рыба: нельма, муксун, сиг. Летом наиболее излюбленным блюдом является сырая (свежепойманная) рыба (сагудай) или же малосольная рыба. Во все времена года в пищу употребляется вареная рыба. Повсеместно сохраняется и приготовление впрок сушеной рыбы, известной под названием «юкола», «кярдиляк».

Edible plants in the diet of the Taimyr peoples also played a role. They eat onions, roots of some plants, berries (cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries).

The goose caught in the spring are dried, harvested for future use, or boiled.

Women bake Dolgan cakes and pancakes.

Очень важно заметить, что,  живя в суровых условиях Заполярья и питаясь как будто бы крайне однообразно – мясом и рыбой, – народы Крайнего Севера почти не болели цингой и другими видами авитаминозов.


DOLGAN'S KITCHEN (several recipes).


After cutting and processing the carcass, the liver and kidneys are exsanguinated, cut into strips 5-6 cm wide, placed on clean snow, and then on a plywood board and frozen. Once frozen, the liver and kidneys are sliced and eaten with salt. Sometimes they are eaten fresh without freezing.


When cutting and processing carcasses, the front and hind limbs of the deer are folded separately. Camus is removed from the legs, muscle tissue, muscle fibers (tobuk) are separated and eaten fresh, cut into small pieces and dipped in salt. The bones of the legs, taken apart by the joints, are crushed with a Dolgan knife and the bone marrow is removed, which is considered a delicacy. In addition, it is frozen and served with boiled or dried meat. Sometimes the bone marrow is heated, cooled, and served.

The brain is also eaten fresh. Sometimes it is frozen and eaten after setting it.


The dried fat from the intestines is cut into small pieces, placed in a frying pan and placed on the oven. 5-7 minutes before the fat is finally melted, put boiled deer meat cut into small pieces (cubes) into a frying pan and mix everything. After removing the frying pan from the heat, the food is cooled slightly, frozen bone marrow is added to it and salted. When the whole mass is finally cooled, a very tasty and colorful assortment is obtained. The food is wrapped in tea foil or put in a bag made of burbot or pike skin. Store in a cool place. Serve on the table by cutting the assorted into pieces.

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