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Itelmen delicacies

Fish served as the main food and food for dogs. It was harvested for future use: it was dried and fermented in pits, rarely baked and smoked, and frozen in winter. Salmon caviar was dried and fermented. Less often they ate the meat of animals and birds. They cooked steamed meat and fat of sea animals in pits, intestines and stomachs were used as containers for storing food. With fish and meat, they ate many different herbs, roots, lilium tubers, berries. They collected pine nuts and waterfowl eggs. Food was prepared and served in wooden and birch bark dishes, washed down with water. Various methods of smoking and salting fish, cooking potatoes, flour products, soups, tea with milk were borrowed from the Russians. Due to the difficulties of delivering salt and flour to Kamchatka, the use of salted fish and bread was limited.

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