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The Itelmens. Settlements and dwellings

The settlements of the Itelmens, often fortified in the past, were located along the banks of water bodies and consisted of several winter and summer dwellings. The Itelmens united and lived according to the principle of not only kinship, but also common fishing grounds.

Log house with a hipped roof

Winter dwelling - a frame rectangular semi-dugout with log walls and a flat roof. Outside, the walls are covered with grass and covered with earth. The fireplace is located on the side. In order to went down into the dugout it was needed to use a hole in the ceiling along a log with crossbars. From 5 to 12 families overwintered in one dugout. It is this dwelling that will subsequently be replaced by a log house.

Summer dwelling

The summer dwelling of the Itelmens is a pile round construction - balagan. On a platform raised above the ground, a pyramidal pole frame was placed, which was covered with tree bark and grass. The construction had two entrances. Later, the building was used as an outbuilding.

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