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Chukchi - indigenous inhabitants of Chukotka, according to the All-Russian Census of 2002, number 15,767 people. More than 12.5 thousand of them live in the Chukotka Autonomous Area. Self-designation lygoravetlan (real people). As an official name of the people, this name itself has not caught on, although a significant part of the Chukchi continue to call themselves so according to the old tradition.

The Chukchi are subdivided into reindeer chukchi – tundra nomadic reindeer herders and a coastal – sedentary hunters for sea animals. The reindeer Chukchi, as well as Koryaks, call themselves chauchu, chavchu (reindeer man), the seaside ones - ankalyn, ankalyt (coast). Among the Western Chukchi, the self-name Chugchit is widespread, apparently from the Chauchu. It was first recorded in 1958 in the Kepervey settlement of the Bilibino region by V.V. Leontiev.



Уэлен! Край земли российской! Родина великих мастеров-косторезов! Здесь, в 1914 году, родился замечательный художник, родоначальник чукотской книжной иллюстрации Михаил Вуквол.
Аренто Иван Петрович – бригадир оленеводческой бригады совхоза «Канчаланский» Чукотского производственного колхозно-совхозного управления Магаданской области.
Юрий Рытхэу родился 8 марта 1930 года в посёлке Уэлен Дальневосточного края (ныне Чукотский автономный округ) в семье охотника-зверобоя.

TV lessons on Even language

‘Yonchaedyae’ project (from the Yukaghir language it means ‘a bell’) took place thanks to the support of a grant from the head of the Rupublic of Sakha (Yakutia) among the media. A total of 200 releases have been prepared, with forty five-minute TV lessons in each language. The project is designed for people who do not speak or have poor command of their native language.

The author and leader of the project is Natalia Smetanina, the director is Nina Kornilova.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Innovation, Digital Development and Infocommunication Technologies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), National Broadcast Company ‘Sakha’, Joint Stock Company ‘Almazy Anabara’ for support and assistance in the implementation of the ‘Йоҥчэдиэ’ project...

(To view the entire list of Yukaghir language lessons, click )


Телеуроки по чукотскому языку. Жанна Дьячкова

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