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Kamchadals - an ethnic group of Russians, the old-timers of the modern territory of Kamchatka territory, Magadan area, Chukotka formed as a result of ethnic contacts of a few Russian settlers with representatives of aboriginal northern ethnic groups. In the XVIII century, the term kamchadals meant itelmens.

The origin and culture of the Russian Kamchadals were influenced to the greatest extent by the Itelmen, to a lesser extent also by the Koryaks, the Chuvans. In the writings of the traveler S.P. Krasheninnikov, the names of local and dialect groups are mentioned: kshaagzhi, kykhcheren, who lived between the rivers Zhupanova and Nemtik; chupagzhu or burin - between the Upper Kamchatka fort (Verkhnekamchatsk) and the Zhupanova River; lingurin - between the rivers Nemtik and Belogolovaya; and kules - to the north of the Belogolovaya River.


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