The Zhigansk historical museum

Адрес: 678330 Республика Саха (Якутия)
Жиганский район (улус) поселок Жиганск, ул. Октябрьская 19 «а»
Телефон 8 (41164) 216 23
Директор музея — Сивцева Людмила Егоровна.
Численность работников музея 12 человек, из них 3 научные сотрудники.

The museum is founded on the basis of the Zhigansk school local lore museum. The school museum was opened in 1968 on the initiative of the teachers of History Anisimova I.A., Khristoforova V.I., pupils and their parents. In 1995 the museum is housed in a wooden building with a total area of 224 sq.m.

Направление работы – научно-экспозиционное, экскурсионно-лекционное, научно-фондовое, плановые мероприятия.

Annually over 3 thousand people visit the museum.

The museum fund comprises 5439 units of main fund storage, 2117 of objects scientific- auxiliary fund.

The museum collection consists of ethnographic collections: weapons, household utensils, tools and applications of hunting and fishing. The photo documentary fund consists of photos from 1930 up to the modern period, personal papers of well-known people of the area, memoirs of veterans of labor, rear and war of 1941-45.

The exposition of the museum opens the section «the Antiquity of the Land». A great attention is given to pale-ontological exhibits, fossilized prints of vegetation and sea fauna. The section "Evenkis" includes exhibits about life, work, culture and outlook of the aboriginals. The woman’s apron of reindeer skin, decorated with fur of a wolverine, application of red cloth, an embroidery sinnae are of great interest. The dry white blade of grass is used as white color; bags for storing fine things made of treated fish skin. The history of founding Zhigansk by the Yenisei Cossacks continues the exposition. The objects of Russian material culture are shown in the collection of samovars, icons, copper teapots, beads ornaments, metal.

The separate section is dedicated to A.J.Uvarovskiy, to the native of Zhigansk, who became the author of the first literary work in the Yakut language "Atyylar" (Memoirs)with the help of the XIX century well-known scientists of Russia O.N.Byotling, A.F.Middendorfa,. The book was issued in the Yakut and German languages in 1848 in Saint Petersburg. The annual Uvarovskiy readings are carried out among schoolboys of the first step of the republican scientific-practical conference «A Step to the Future»

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