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International UNESCO Chair at M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University “Social and human adaptation of the arctic regions to climate change” is a university-wide scientific and interdisciplinary educational structural unit of the M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University.
The chair should play a key role in the implementation of its goals as an international scientific and educational center of UNESCO. The main objectives of the Chair are to:

  •  provide scientific justification and assessment of the Arctic's role in global climate processes and natural climatic changes in various environments;
  • study guides and monographs development and publishing with focus on UNESCO Chair/UNITWIN activity.
  • establishment of interuniversity cooperation network based on special competency under the aegis of UNESCO; educational and scientific activity of students, graduates professional development in areas of establishment and operation of new systems, living management forms in the Arctic that meet challenges and focused on living quality in Arctic regions;
  • expansion of regional and international cooperation of NEFU through UNESCO/UNITWIN program; students, PhD students and staff exchange with other universities and scientific institutions;
  • organization of international conferences, symposiums, round tables, workshops under the aegis of UNESCO/UNITWIN;
  • international education and information portal development in order to provide information accessibility, distance education system organization, informational support of international scientific collaboration.


Anatoly Zhozhikov

UNESCO Chairholder, NEFU, PhD

Zhanna Degteva

senior researcher, UNESCO Chair at NEFU, Cand. Sc. Geography

Svetlana Zhozhikova

lead programmer, UNESCO Chair at NEFU, Cand. Sc. Education

Ekaterina Krivoshapkina

chief expert, UNESCO Chair at NEFU

Dmitry Starkov

lead expert, UNESCO Chair at NEFU


Anatoly Zhozhikov

Руководитель проекта
+7 914 238-10-62


г. Якутск,
пр. Ленина 2, оф. 324.

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