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Chulyms (Tomsk Karagas, Chulym people, Chulym Tatars, Chulym Turks, Chulym Khakas) are a small Turkic people of Siberia. The name comes from the Chulym River (a tributary of the Ob), in the middle and lower reaches of which they live.

The Chulyms formed in the XVII—XVIII centuries as a result of the mixing of Turkic groups that moved to the east after the fall of the Siberian Khanate, partly Teleuts and Yenisei Kyrgyz with small groups of Selkups and Kets. Subsequently, they assimilated to a large extent with the Khakas and Russians.

They were baptized in Orthodoxy, and some traditions of shamanism are preserved. They speak the Chulym-Turkic language. The Chulym-Turkic language belongs to the Uighur group of the Turkic branch of the Altai language family. 


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