The Evenks (Tunguses) belong to the Tungus-Manchu group of the large Altai family of languages. Relative but linguistic group to the Evenks are the Evens, Yegidalians, Solons, Nanai, Ulchi, Oroks, Manchus, Udege, who are settled in the Republic of Sakha, Amur Region, Khabarovsk Territory, Magadan Region and China. The similarity of language and culture is evidence that in ancient times the ancestors of the peoples of the Altai family of languages lived closer to each other. According to ancient Chinese sources, in the 1st millennium BC, in the territory of Primorye and Northeastern China, eastern aliens lived under the name of sushheni or ilo. Very little information has been preserved about these tribes in the ancient annals. And at the beginning of our era along the Amur, Zeya and in Primorye, tribal associations settled large ancient Tungus tribes Mohe. They traded with neighboring states. These ties were especially active with China.


Персоналии эвенков

Данилова Варвара Васильевна (29.08.1967) — эвенкийская поэтесса. Родилась в с. Булгунняхтах Хангаласского улуса в семье охотника...
Родилась в п. Кукушка Зейского района Амурской области в семье оленевода-охотника. Окончила среднюю школу в с. Бомнак.
Гантимуров Гамалилла Степанович (Муров) — первый эвенкийский писатель Первое художественное произведение, вышедшее из-под пера эвенка, было издано в Томске еще в 1896 году.

TV lessons on Even language

‘Йоҥчэдиэ’ project (from the Yukaghir language it means ‘a bell’) took place thanks to the support of a grant from the head of the Rupublic of Sakha (Yakutia) among the media. A total of 200 releases have been prepared, with forty five-minute TV lessons in each language. The project is designed for people who do not speak or have poor command of their native language.

The author and leader of the project is Natalia Smetanina, the director is Nina Kornilova.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Innovation, Digital Development and Infocommunication Technologies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Association of Indigenous Minorities of the North of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), National Broadcast Company ‘Sakha’, Joint Stock Company ‘Almazy Anabara’ for support and assistance in the implementation of the ‘Йоҥчэдиэ’ project...

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Телеуроки по юкагирскому языку. Ольга Удыгир